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Badagara Co-operative Rural Bank

The Badagara Co-operative Rural Bank Ltd No F 1264 is a major Co-operative Bank in Kozhikode District. It is a Class-1 special Grade Bank. The Audit Classification for the last several years is ‘A’. The area of operation of the bank covers 14 villages.

The Head office is situated at Badagara. The Bank has a total of eleven branches including the Head office. All Branches are viable units. Besides, it runs 1 neethi store, 1 ration wholesale depot, 5 ration retail depots, 1 Fertilizer Depot and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 350 .

The Financial details of BCRB as of 31-mar-2005 are as follows

A- Class Members : 23973
Paid up Share capital : 1,22,36,457.00
Working Capital : 84,77,93,762.00
Deposit Outstanding : 81,80,22,755.00
Loan Outstanding : 79,56,68,275.00
Profit ( as per tentative reports) : 52,78,168